Install Skype Call Recorder on Kubuntu 12.04

Install Skype Call Recorder on Ubuntu/Kubuntu 12.04
May 3rd 2012

Skype is a terrific tool and the Ubuntu version that’s available from Skype’s site works well. And for recording a Skype call the best utility under Kubuntu is Skype Call Recorder. Skype Call Recorder is well supported for Linux and even has some experiemental support for Windows 7.

On my previous workstation which ran Kubuntu-11.10, the Skype Call Recorder .deb file installed the proper menu short-cuts but… I needed to work a little to get Skype Call Recorder to work on 12.04.

So here’s the entire install routine:

  1. Download Skype Call Recorder at:

  2. Install the app, from the Terminal:
    $ sudo dpkg -i skype-call-recorder-ubuntu_0.8_i386.deb

The install file will place the following files in these locations:

Unfortunately I didn’t get a menu entry for Skype Call Recorder anywhere, so I had to create one by hand (which isn’t a big deal).

$ skype-call-recorder

skype-call-recorder: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
To fix this you need: libssl0.9.8

$ sudo apt-get install libssl0.9.8